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Kids' Quran Classes

All Levels of Expertise (and Newcomers) are Welcome


Your child will learn to pronounce the Arabic letters, recognize them in their written variations, and basic tajweed. Shaykh Ahmed begins the child on memorizing short Surahs with verbal repetition in conjunction with learning how to read, so that they may learn to balance audio and visual aspects of reading and memorizing the Quran.


Your child continues to perfect his/her tajweed while memorizing in tandem. Each class, Shaykh Ahmed provides the child with an assignment targeting three components:

  • Memorization: a small assignment of one or more lines of a Surah (depending on the child's ability).
  • Review: the child must recite one or more surahs they have already memorized.
  • Reading: the child is asked to read a set of lines from a new Surah they have not yet memorized.

Your child may have multiple Juz memorized by now. The focus for this level is primarily memorization and repeated recitation, with heavier emphasis on the child's tajweed than that of the Intermediate level students.